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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

We photographers are always looking to better ourselves, to improve at our craft and to capture that one image! Well I’ve been longing to capture a decent image of a Kingfisher for a long time and have had very brief encounters with a couple of these fast and small birds in the past, but not gotten up close enough to get a decent image. However, on Tuesday my luck changed and I managed to bag some lovely images of a very pretty female Kingfisher. To be honest it seemed all too easy as I sat quietly in Bernards Hide at Lackford Lakes in Suffolk with some fellow photographers and within twenty minutes of me arriving the Kingfisher made her appearance.

I had prepared well (camera set up and turned on) and was ready to shoot. I was using my Sony A9 camera and had the Sony 200-600mm lens attached which would give me the reach I needed to fill the frame and also give me superb focus and tracking capabilities which would certainly help me in getting ‘that’ shot.

At first the Kingfisher flew in at sat on a hanging branch to my left and was there for a couple of minutes which gave me ample time to get the shots I wanted. It then flew away crossing from left to my right and perched on a bush which was backlit by the early morning sun, making for a not so great image opportunity. As luck had it the kingfisher was about to give me a lesson in hovering and she put on a great show. I only wish I had been quick enough to up my shutter speed to freeze her wings, although I really liked the images I got with the static body and blurred wings giving the impression of how fast her wings were moving.

In all a fantastic couple of hours spent at Lackford Lakes and I was very fortunate to capture the elusive Kingfisher in her natural habitat. I wholly recommend you visit Lackford even if you’re not a photographer as it has great walking trails with plenty of wildlife to see. You can read more about Lackford here.


Sony A9 Camera

Sony 200-600 G lens

Flask of coffee 😏


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