The Concept The idea behind this shoot was three different looks based in and around London. Amelia and I decided on a couple of outfits which would suit the brief and Amelia was happy to do her own makeup, although we had access to a MUA (make up artist) if required. I wanted to convey a grungy street vibe for the first set and Amelia supplied the attitude to suit. Quite a few of these images were shot from a low viewpoint and the gridded beauty dish gave a nice pool of light on Amelia whilst darkening the background. The second set of images were shot predominately on the 85 1.8 lens at various apertures to reveal or hide the background as required. The choice of outfit here gave a more high end fashion look and Amelia gave me a great variety of poses without much input from me, which is why working with a professional model makes getting results so much easier. The final set of images were shot in natural light against a backdrop of the financial district (Canary Wharf). These were shot on the Sigma 135 1.8 to isolate Amelia from the background and also bring in some compression. Again various apertures were used to control how much background blur I needed. A big thanks to Amelia for doing such a great job. You can check her out on instagram @ameliasadam

The Gear Sony A7Riv Sony 85 1.8 Sony 35 1.8 Sigma 135 1.8 Godox AD600 Gridded Beauty Dish Shoot through Umbrella Gear Cart (essential for lugging lots of equipment around) Images edited in Adobe Lightroom

The Images

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