Monochrome or black and white photography, is my passion. In my opinion you can't beat an image that's been processed or captured in monochrome. I feel a monochrome image is timeless, rich and has depth that colour just doesn't translate. Monochrome images should be printed, large! An image isn't a photograph until it's printed and nothing prints as well as a monochrome.

I remember back in the day when i worked for the local press and you would go out on a job, take the images (film) get back home as quick as you could so you could get the film developed and the images printed on 10x8 paper to deliver to the newspaper the next day. I had a makeshift darkroom in my Dad's loft at the time , which smelt of chemicals from developing the film and making the prints. It was a fun place to be, albeit a bit haphazard at times, with rows of 10x8 prints hanging on a washing line and trays of developer and fixer scattered around. There's something magical about the process of making your own image come to life, long live the art, although i mainly use a print house for big prints nowadays.

Today, we have a wide range of papers available to print on and it's so easy with online ordering and print profiles available to download. My favourite print house for photographic & art printing is The Printspace based at Kingsland Road, London. I've used them for years and their knowledge and expertise is second to none, check them out.

Because it's nice to give back 😉

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