The Moon - a fascinating planet

For centuries we've been obsessed with the moon and I can see why. Here's what Wiki has to say about it, but there's many other more scientific sources of information available. I've been looking at it and taking pictures of it for years now and it still amazes me how beautiful it is when seen close up. With cameras and lenses improving year on, the ability to get great images of the moon is now within the reach of even the most hobbyist photographers, sporting their compact cameras with 300mm plus zooms at a reasonable price. Agreed, to get a stunning image of the moon takes more than a little experience and the more expensive, high quality equipment certainly helps, but it's doable.

It's only the last few months that I've been attempting to take and colourise my moon images. There's a great write up on it here. Good luck.

Here's some images of my recent attempts at photographing the moon and a list of the gear I'm currently using.


  • Sony A7Riv 60mp Mirrorless camera
  • Sony 100-400 zoom lens
  • Sturdy Tripod - I currently use a heavy duty video tripod by ESDDI - Great value and does the job well.
  • Fast memory cards - I use only Sandisk and always buy the fastest I can afford. (measure twice, buy once ; )
  • Warm clothing as you're usually out when the temperature drops
  • Remote shutter release (to minimise shake when doing long exposures) - although you can use the cameras self timer if needed.