The idea

These are uncertain times and for a lot of fellow photographers who are not working at present, passing the time and staying motivated are key. It's not an ideal situation to be in, but you can use the time that has now been afforded to you to good use. Updating websites and putting out feelers for work post Covid-19 are worthwhile, but doing work out your comfort zone and increasing your skillset are and could be an asset. So with that in mind I took to doing a couple of projects that would be interesting and maybe of use in the future. Here's the first of a series of posts describing and documenting the outcome of interesting ideas which may be utilised at some point in the future. Enjoy.


So this is something I saw being done by the Photographer Daniel Norton where he took a glass and some ice cubes and using a couple of flashguns (strobes) he managed to freeze the action as the ice cube hit the water in the glass and made some really interesting patterns and shapes. Using food colouring in the water he managed to create some really cool images. Here's the link to YouTube so you can get the gist of how its done and saves me from having to explain it any further. I had great fun doing it and have learned something else to put in my toolbox for when the need arises. Give it a try yourself, but be warned it can get messy! ; )

The Kit

  • Here's a list of the gear I used for this shoot. Any brand of camera, lens and flash can be used to get the desired results.
  • Sony A7Riv
  • Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens
  • 2 x Godox flashguns (the on camera type in this particular case)
  • 1x Godox trigger (to fire the flashguns)
  • 1 x backdrop (old dark sheet)
  • I x pair of hands to drop the ice cube into the glass and trigger the camera!
  • Lots of patience

The Images