1 on 1 tuition - Aviation Night Shoot

I was approached by Gary Davis, who is a published wildlife photographed (https://www.gdimages.co.uk) if I would give him some pointers on aviation photography and shooting aviation at night. Gary had never dabbled in the dark art of aviation photography and wanted to try his hand at a different form of photography and push him out of his comfort zone. 

We met up at one of my favourite airports, London City, where I took Gary through the basic camera settings and techniques to enable him to get sharp well exposed images of aircraft in daylight. Gary soon adapted his extensive knowledge of shooting birds in flight to the larger birds we were shooting on the day and was very quickly up to speed, capturing aircraft from a variety of angles and using fast and slow shutter speeds, to blur propellers, for example. 

Dusk soon approached and we were very lucky to be presented with a dramatic sunset which gave us the opportunity to shoot some low light (into the sun) images.

As the orange sky disappeared into darkness it was time to get out the tripods and setup for some long exposure landscape shots. Gary had come prepared due to our pre-shoot discussions and we proceeded to create some magical images of aircraft with (in my opinion) one of the most photogenic backdrops at any airport.

A great day/night was had and many stunning images made.  It was a pleasure and privilege to meet Gary and he takes away some of my knowledge and experience in this field to add to his own.

In his words, ‘you never stop learning’

So, if you’d like to learn new skills, add or improve your existing skillset or are a complete beginner to the world of photography, drop me a line or give me a call for current rates and availability.

Here’s a few images from the shoot.

Abi Flynn - Golden Goddess ‘Courage’ Music Video Shoot - Brighton

So this happened on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th August. I was asked by Abi Flynn to capture images behind the scenes of her upcoming Music Video and Single/EP ‘Courage’ to be released in December 2019. The locations were Birling Gap, Eastbourne and St Marys Church, Brighton. It was a long, but fascinating experience and I hopefully managed to capture the emotion and expression of the days events.  You can learn more about Abi’s two year journey fighting cancer and her miraculous recovery here https://abiflynncancerblog.wordpress.com I also met another young lady, Holly Wellington who is in the last stages of treatment for cancer.  Holly, like Abi is inspirational, talented and literally breathes positivity. I hope my images managed to capture a moment in time for both these amazing ladies.

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