Eddie Coventry's 1979 SA-341D Gazelle HT3 at Northweald Airfield.

I had the pleasure to meet up with the owner of this beautiful Gazelle HT3 who calls into Northweald Airfield on a regular basis. He was there with his colleagues and I got to have a good look around the Gazelle and get some stunning images. I also took a couple of images of Eddie and his colleagues. 

Aircraft details:


Model:SA-341D Gazelle HT3    

Year built:1979

Construction Number (C/N):WA1792

Aircraft Type:Rotorcraft

Number of Seats:5

Number of Engines:1

Engine Type:Turbo-shaft

Engine Manufacturer and Model:Turbomeca Astazou IIIN2

Canay Wharf - Westferry Road

Some images I created before Xmas looking across the Thames from the footpath that runs adjacent to Westferry Road. I got there early in the morning to capture the sun rising and the reflections from the buildings. Looking back at these images, I really should have used some filters, most likely a 6 stop ND and soft Grad to accentuate the sky colours and also get some movement in the sea and sky. I quite like the images I did create, but next time I think I'll take my tripod and filters.

Let me know what you think.

Lincoln Continental

A lovely old (1965) Lincoln Continental spied at Northweald airfield. I got talking to the owner and he Kindly let me capture some images. I processed them in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and then grunged them in ON1 effects 2018. I love the look created here as it creates a bit of atmosphere.

If you've got an old classic or interesting car/bike you'd like photographing, drop me line.


Redbridge lakes

Right on our doorstep, hidden away down a small track is Redbridge Lakes and it’s only taken me 9 years to discover it! There’s a variety of activities on offer for the young and older generations including fishing, nature trails and a cafe/bar with entertainment on selected nights of the week. We called in as the sun was setting and I managed to grab a few images before it disappeared for the day. Definitely somewhere I’ll visit again.  For more info on Redbridge Lakes click here.



I met Mark and Julie Levy at Northweald Airfield on Friday 15th September. I was there to photograph the Sea Fury leaving Northweald after it's three year restoration and return to Culdrose. As always when I'm out photographing aircraft, I get chatting with pilots and mechanics and today was no different as I got into conversation with Mark and Julie who were preparing the Harvard for a trip up to Scotland. Julie asked if I'd take a photograph of them with their aircraft and I obliged and took the opportunity to take some more detailed images of the Harvard as she stood there basking in the morning sun. I also got some lovely images of the Sea Fury and of the Wasp helicoptor GBYCX, which was doing rotor blade adjustments.


Mark and Julie Levy


The Harvard waiting for fuel.

A big thanks to Mark for allowing me to photograph his aircraft and it was lovely chatting to both him and Julie before they set off on their adventure. The full set of images can be viewed here.

Lakenheath & Mildenhall 8-9-2017

On Friday I decided to pay a visit to Suffolk, to Lakenheath and Mildenhall airbases. I was on familiar turf as I grew up in the area and as a child visited the airbases with my Dad. I have also been visiting the bases on a regular basis over the last couple of years as my interest in aviation and aviation photography has evolved. Now we all know preparation is everything, right? Well I’m pretty good at getting my kit ready in good time, batteries charged, lenses cleaned, cameras packed and flask on the side by the kettle so not to forget it. This is usually carried out the night before and all was good to go on the Friday morning, apart from the weather! Did I check it the day before? of course I did, but this is the UK and I should know better than believe weather forecasts. So looking out the window at 6am it didn’t look too promising, but you got to get out there as great images don’t come easy. 

Here’s a selection of images captured throughout the day.  




First up, the F15. Probably one of my all time favourite aircraft. The sound, the rumble in your chest as they accelerate down the runway, afterburners glowing. 




The approach path brings the Aircraft in and down over the main road which is great for us photographers. Side on sunlighting (when it presents itself!) early in the morning shooting from the forest entrance is my preference and that’s where these images were captured from.




The C130 (Herc) or as of now the Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules is one of my favourite prop powered aircraft and Lockheed have been producing them for over 60 years. I believe it’s the longest continuously produced aircraft ever! 




Not your everyday visitor to the Heath, the tankers of the 100th Air Refueling Wing (100 ARW) usually play at Mildenhall, but it was nice to see a few touch and go’s from this one. 




A C5 M Super Galaxy of 436th Airlft Wing visiting from Dover Air Force Base. 


Well that wraps up today’s post.

I hope you liked the images and reading this maybe inspired you to get out shooting, whatever the great British weather throws at you.  I leave you with the image above showing how miserable it was at times!

Tip of the day, always carry a couple of plastic bags when out shooting. Great camera and lens protectors when it gets rough 👍 

See all the day’s images here.  


Leigh-on-Sea (locally known as Leigh) is situated on the northern side of the Thames Estuary, only a few miles from the open waters of the North Sea to the east and a similar distance from the Kent coast to the south. It was Bank Holiday Monday (here in the UK) and the weather was unusually hot and dry which afforded some beautiful views across the wide expanse of mud flats and creeks, extending offshore towards the deep water channel of the Thames (Yantlet Channel).

I was armed with my Fuji XT2 and 50-140 (70-210) 2.8 lens, chosen for it's super sharp images and quick focussing plus I knew anything of interest would be a reasonable distance away. The camera, lens and weather didn't disappoint and I managed to get some nice images. I processed them in ON1  and applied a preset which gave the images an oil painting effect, which complimented the look I was after.

There's nothing quite like the sea and shore for conjuring up romantic or dramatic scenes, that's why I'm drawn back to the coast time and time again. I recommend a visit to Leigh and the neighbouring Southend, Westcliff and Shoeburyness and  I believe you can walk pretty much unhindered from Leigh, all the way to Shoeburyness.

I hope you enjoyed the images and please leave a comment below if you think I could have improved anything or just to say hello!



Car Photoshoot - Northweald Airfield

I was at Northweald Airfield doing the usual aviation photography stuff, where I met a really nice guy called Ray Main. He is also a photographer and has an interest in classic cars. We got talking and he indicated he was looking to shoot a car of his at Northweald with a classic aircraft. Ray showed me the car that he was driving on the day, which was getting quite a bit of attention as it was a restored jaguar.

As we stood talking (as you do) Shipping & Airlines de Havilland Dragonfly appeared, which is a beautifully restored aircraft and parked right in from of us. Ray gestured to me that it would look nice to get some shots of the Jag and Dragonfly together, create a bit of nostalgia! So, how to get the car in front of the Dragonfly and also get another aircraft moved as it had just parked up where we wanted to be. Ray decided to ask the owner of the Dragonfly if we could get some images and also get the smaller aircraft moved to facilitate the shoot, in Ray's words 'don't ask don't get'

So the deal was done and Shipping and Airlines staff could not be more accomadating moving the smaller aircraft which was also under their ownership and the only flying example of a 1931 Civilian Coupe and also getting permission from the airfield management to put the car on the field, so a big thanks to them. 

Ray moved the car into position and I fired away, using my D500 with 24-70 lens attached and grabbing a couple of long shots also with the D810 and 300mm prime. It was a hasty shoot, but I believe the images I captured give the desired effect.

The full set of images can be viewed here:  http://www.markoimaging.com/Gallery/Car-Shoot-Northweald-Airfield/